Dror Soref’s In Re “On the Fly” & More

Dror Soref of Weird Al music videos, PLATINUM BLONDE, BASIC, THE SEVENTH COIN and NOT FORGOTTEN fame, viewed my pitch and said:

“I like the pitch, and the project in general. The pitch delivery is very good, and the writer’s personality comes thru. It  feels like  the writer knows the world he is writing about. The presentation is clear and to the point. This is a very good concept. As hinted, one gets a real glimpse into a world we know nothing about (speaking for myself). The plot is well drafted. As for marketability, I think the good part is that many movies with this kind of theme have been made, the drawback is that it therefore competes with many other projects… I like it even though I would pass, just because it doesn’t fit what I am currently concentrating on. Well Done!”

So that’s encouraging! In addition, script was a finalist in thrillers in the 2022 Script Summit Screenplay Contest. I believe the script quality is high enough. Now it’s a matter of finding someone in the movie industry who likes it as much as I do.

That’s me.
Hotel where heroes of film work
Location of final scene of “On the Fly”


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