New Project: Batman Satire Short

I recently started to write “That Man Vs. Hunter of the Hunters”, a short film script that features a small-town newbie superhero named That Man and his sidekick, Rob N.

The duo start the film as a couple of ordinary guys living together in the isolated, humdrum, northern North Dakota town of Blue Balls. Richard ” I Can be a Dick but prefer Richard” Johnson and Robert Nyugen share a loft apartment in the affluent part of the 2,999-person town. Life is good, low-key but good and safely consistent. Although heterosexual, neither one has had a date for so long they don’t try very hard to find one. Richard is well off from a run of profitable cryptocurrency trades. Robert manages the town’s best restaurant, The Pit, a BBQ-themed eatery with reasonable prices.

But after deer hunting season starts, hunters start to disappear. Sheriff Carl Withers investigates the first real crime the town has had since the Bixby brothers were busted selling meth almost four years ago. He’s unable to crack the case and with the pressure mounting from the town’s populace and more hunters disappearing every week, Richard decides the town needs a superhero. He develops his That Man persona, asks Robert to be his sidekick.

After a few learning experiences and a semi-rigorous training regimen and several failures, the two offer to help the sheriff. Eventually they must face the archvillain, Hunter of the Hunters, in a frosty, dark, unsavory showdown in the Brown Hills Forest.

I started the project because I kept seeing the same tip for screenwriters trying to break into the movie industry: Write a script for a short. So here I go. Wish me good luck.

So long for now.

Before I go, I am including a pic of myself and our epic Maine Coon, Sonny (formerly Shaggy II).

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