Dror Soref’s In Re “On the Fly” & More

Dror Soref of Weird Al music videos, PLATINUM BLONDE, BASIC, THE SEVENTH COIN and NOT FORGOTTEN fame, viewed my pitch and said: “I like the pitch, and the project in general. The pitch delivery is very good, and the writer’s personality comes thru. It  feels like  the writer knows the world he is writing about.Continue reading “Dror Soref’s In Re “On the Fly” & More”

TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah”

I am super excited to announce that I have completed the first draft of my TV series two-part pilot called “Dark Messiah”. Logline: A confused, heavy drug-using mother mistakenly believes she was a virgin when she gave birth to a son named. Curalis. Now approaching middle age, the underachieving drunk, with unuthorized, secret help fromContinue reading “TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah””

New Script, “On the Fly”, is Done

Recently I completed “On the Fly”, which was inspired while I was working full-time for the St. James Hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota. Log line: Two low-level hotel workers at historic hotel in sleepy southeastern Minnesota town blackmail the sleazy, amoral GM after they discover he’s been secretly videotaping hotel guests in their bedrooms. TheirContinue reading “New Script, “On the Fly”, is Done”


The script obviously is partly an homage to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” But it’s much more. My goal is to have it made into a movie that becomes this generation’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” but sans an animated character. https://i.etsystatic.com/27427857/r/il/a88a81/3427923145/il_794xN.3427923145_s2h9.jpg Everyone in the movie is a live-action character. Logline: High-profile, outspoken, techy businessman is jailedContinue reading “Introduction”