Different Format for our 40th Episode

Stephen and I recently released the 39th episode of THE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW in which we analyzed and opined on “Ant-Man and The Wasp in Quantumania” — https://youtu.be/DYGcZ9iJy8M. Every 5th episode we do something special and different. Sometimes it’s having special guests, sometimes we do a “Favorite Movie of All Time” episode (Episode #20, I think). For the 40th episode, we’re doing our Five Most Overrated Movies of All Time. We thought about including our most underrated movie list but that will be a separate (probably 45th) episode.

I have compiled my list but is subject to change before we do the show. I need to conduct a bit more research. I would love to get ideas from my readers so feel free to submit a comment with your list. Or maybe you have only one or two movies, that’s fine. Maybe there’s one movie that you need to vent about how vastly overrated it is (Did someone say “The Blair Witch Project” or “Casablanca”?) Bring it on, baby!!

Thanks for reading. Oh, here’s a joke from our “Ant-Man” episode: If you’re worried about understanding quantum mechanics, don’t worry. It’s gonna be Feynman.

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