TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah”

I am super excited to announce that I have completed the first draft of my TV series two-part pilot called “Dark Messiah”. Logline: A confused, heavy drug-using mother mistakenly believes she was a virgin when she gave birth to a son named. Curalis. Now approaching middle age, the underachieving drunk, with unuthorized, secret help fromContinue reading “TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah””

“On the Fly” is a Script Summit Screenplay Contest Finalist

“On the Fly” is one of the seven finalists in the thriller category in the Summit Screenplay Contest. The winners will be announced during the live event from Sept. 15th through Sept. 18th in Royal Oak, Michigan. I probably won’t be able to attend but if they have a Duo or Zoom option, I’ll doContinue reading ““On the Fly” is a Script Summit Screenplay Contest Finalist”

“Stone’s Throw from Hell” — My Best Script

Despite the name of this site, my best script is (right now) the one referenced in the title of this post. For reasons I can’t recall, after it received a strong recommend from and was good enough to be featured on the radio show “Acting Up”, I changed the script. Talk about pulling aContinue reading ““Stone’s Throw from Hell” — My Best Script”

New Script, “On the Fly”, is Done

Recently I completed “On the Fly”, which was inspired while I was working full-time for the St. James Hotel in Red Wing, Minnesota. Log line: Two low-level hotel workers at historic hotel in sleepy southeastern Minnesota town blackmail the sleazy, amoral GM after they discover he’s been secretly videotaping hotel guests in their bedrooms. TheirContinue reading “New Script, “On the Fly”, is Done”

Patience, Dear Boy, Patience

Patience is a virtue. So that’s what I hope to have regarding my screenplays. That’s what I will have to have as the competition among screenwriters has never been as intense as it currently is. I won’t go into the numbers but to tweak a phrase that Tim Donnelly, a good friend from college, wasContinue reading “Patience, Dear Boy, Patience”

Registering Script & Beginning of Querying Blitz

Okay, I got my new script registered with the WGA (link to confirmation page printout on bottom of home page). And I’ve started to query agents and managers about representing me. Sent out six queries this morning and will do more shortly. I have great feeling about this screenplay. Of course, I say that aboutContinue reading “Registering Script & Beginning of Querying Blitz”