“That-Man Vs. The Hunter of Hunters” Rewrite Almost Done

First it was long short script. At 55 pages, it was too short for a traditional spec script and too long for a short (up to 30 pages).  I could either hope to sell it as non-traditionally lengthy short, add enough material so it was long enough to be a conventional spec script (80 toContinue reading ““That-Man Vs. The Hunter of Hunters” Rewrite Almost Done”

“That-Man” Update

I finished editing my short film script, “That-Man Vs. The Hunter of Hunters”. Now I need to search for partners to turn the script into a movie. The Shore Short Film Fund is one option. I have already entered it in the Venice Shorts Contest. Logline: When the archvillain is too ruthless and clever forContinue reading ““That-Man” Update”

I Will Sell Puns and Humorous Anecdotes for Dirt Cheap

If you need puns, jokes, sayings, and/or humorous anecdotes, I can help. I have been telling jokes on our YouTube show, THE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW, for over three and half years — @themoviereviewshow9789 — plus telling jokes to customers at Walmart for over thirteen years. For example, I made up these jokes about trains: 1)Continue reading “I Will Sell Puns and Humorous Anecdotes for Dirt Cheap”

Different Format for our 40th Episode

Stephen and I recently released the 39th episode of THE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW in which we analyzed and opined on “Ant-Man and The Wasp in Quantumania” — https://youtu.be/DYGcZ9iJy8M. Every 5th episode we do something special and different. Sometimes it’s having special guests, sometimes we do a “Favorite Movie of All Time” episode (Episode #20, IContinue reading “Different Format for our 40th Episode”

Dror Soref’s In Re “On the Fly” & More

Dror Soref of Weird Al music videos, PLATINUM BLONDE, BASIC, THE SEVENTH COIN and NOT FORGOTTEN fame, viewed my pitch and said: “I like the pitch, and the project in general. The pitch delivery is very good, and the writer’s personality comes thru. It  feels like  the writer knows the world he is writing about.Continue reading “Dror Soref’s In Re “On the Fly” & More”

New Project: Batman Satire Short

I recently started to write “That Man Vs. Hunter of the Hunters”, a short film script that features a small-town newbie superhero named That Man and his sidekick, Rob N. The duo start the film as a couple of ordinary guys living together in the isolated, humdrum, northern North Dakota town of Blue Balls. RichardContinue reading “New Project: Batman Satire Short”

TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah”

I am super excited to announce that I have completed the first draft of my TV series two-part pilot called “Dark Messiah”. Logline: A confused, heavy drug-using mother mistakenly believes she was a virgin when she gave birth to a son named. Curalis. Now approaching middle age, the underachieving drunk, with unuthorized, secret help fromContinue reading “TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah””