“On the Fly” Script

Here is a pitch deck for my newly-completed feature script.

Logline: After their scheme to blackmail a seedy, unscrupulous GM implodes, two low-level hotel workers go on the run after a relentless, merciless hit man is hired to kill them and retrieve the $3 million dollar ransom money.

“The Fugitive (1993)

Act One

Dillon Newsome, maintenance worker at the historic Rivertown Inn in Bluff’s Edge, MN, cleans heating and cooling ducts. On the top floor, above GM Richie Stone’s office, Dillon peers through a duct above the GM’s desk. Later, Dillon recaps to best friend and Housekeeping Supervisor, Oliver Wendell, what he saw: Stone watches video from hotel guest room that shows town mayor, Donald Skyberg, having sex with two prostitutes in 1993. Then Stone views sex tape from about two years ago, this one stars Police Chief Andrew Whitaker having sexual relations with an under-age male. Wendell and Newsome theorize the wealthy General Manager has been secretly videotaping hotel guests in their bedrooms since the Rivertown Inn opened over forty years ago and extorts money and business favors from the victims.

Dillon, struggling with finances from nine illegitimate children, thinks they should blackmail Stone to the tune of $3M. Oliver isn’t sold on the idea. Dillon buys a spying device disguised as an air freshner from www.stealthtronic.com. While the spycam is in transit, Oliver and sister Martha discuss the fifteen-year anniversary of them killing their abusive father and passing it off as a home invasion turned deadly. While Oliver has mixed feelings about the incident, Martha, who was sexually abused by him, has no remorse. She’s celebrating the anniversary by watching “Mommie Dearest” and dropping acid with a good friend.

Dillon and Oliver watch Stone view a sex video with the governor of Minnesota in a three-way with his sister and daughter. Oliver is so disgusted that he gets on board with blacking Stone for $3M.

Act Two

The two hotel workers’ blackmail/extortion plan works to perfection…until a hit man appears five minutes after the ransom money is dropped at an agreed-upon spot in a parking ramp across the street from the Rivertown Inn. Richard “Lights Out” Kulowski fires at Oliver, misses his target by three inches, and prepares to shoot again. However, his partner informs him via phone that a Bluff’s Edge Police Department squad car is cruising down the street. The hired assassin has to wait for the police to leave the immediate area. This gives Oliver and Dillon the opportunity to escape, for the moment, with the three million dollars.

“Becket” (2021)”

Dillon and Oliver, race towards Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Their escape strategy: fly to NYC to obtain fake passports and driver’s licenses, relocate o Venice and live under fake names to escape Kulowski and the authorities. Kulowski is hot on their trail.

but he’s pulled over for speeding, thus giving Dillon and Oliver a much-needed head start over their pursuer.

A GPS tracker hidden in one of the money bags allows Kulowski to follow the ransom money to gate where Dillon and Oliver fly to New York City. Paid assassin arrives too late to catch the flight so he takes available flight.

“Leon: The Professional” (1994)”

Young heroes buy fake passports and driver’s licenses in Times Square area. Their flight departs a few minutes before Kulowski can get to the gate area. He tries unsuccessfully to convince gate agent to contact the pilot to delay flight.

The chase goes from Venice to London where Dillon and Oliver lure Kulowski into trap set in their Hotel Slavia hotel room. Plan goes awry. Kulowski, despite being blinded by a pepper spray knockoff, shoots Dillon dead. Oliver wrests the gun away, thinks he kills their opponent after he shoots Kulowski in the chest and shoulder. However, the hit man survives and chases after Oliver, who escapes to a Hyatt in Rio de Janeiro.

Act Three

With his sister’s help, Oliver sets a DIY trap in his Rio de Janeiro hotel room. Kulowski thinks he has the advantage on his target when assassin finds him sitting by the Hyatt pool. Kulowski lies, tells Oliver that Stone has changed his plan. He no longer needs Oliver dead because they’ve abducted sister Martha and will keep her hostage until Stone has a chance to escape and go off the grid to elude law-enforcement community. Oliver sneaks a text message to Martha and confirms that Kulowski is lying. Oliver, with Kulowski forcing him back to Oliver’s hotel at gunpoint, leads the hired killer into a trap.

Two buckets, one with a king cobra, another with hydroflouric acid, stand precariously above Oliver’s hotel door. Oliver enters his room, then jumps aside just in time to evade Kulowski’s shot. The bucket of acid blinds and disorients the assassin, allows hero to wrest the gun away from Kulowski. The king cobra bites Kulowski in the face. Oliver can’t wait for the venom to kill the killer, points the gun at Kulowski, and declares, “This is for Dillon, mother fucker”, and kills him.

Oliver opens his room door. A split-second before Kulowski shoots him, he jumps to the side. A bucket with sulfuric acid and plastic container with a king cobra fall on top of Kulowski. Snake bits the disoriented, blinded killer. Oliver gains control of hit man’s gun and shoots him dead. Then right before the cobra attacks, Oliver blows its head off.

Martha calls him. She helps him get rid of Kulowski’s corpse by Sister Martha helps Oliver dispose of the body: she says to use the Walter White method: dissolve body in hydroflouric acid and use a Sister Martha helps Oliver with disposing of the corpse: she says to use the Walter White method of evidence destruction: hydrofluoric acid and a large plastic container to prevent the acid from eating through the porcelain bath tub.

Oliver sends anonymous tip to FBI about Stone’s numerous crimes. Story ends with Martha and Oliver sitting on a white-sand beach on a small island a half hour from Belize that Oliver purchased with his share of the blackmail money.