About Me

Lee A. Eide

Screenwriter, Author, Blogger, YouTube Movie Critiic


Lee is a movie junkie who’s swapped booze for immersion into the wonderful world of cinema. Besides writing screenplays such as “Who Framed Bobby Babbitt?”, he co-hosts “The Movie Review Show” on YouTube. Along with Stephen Craig, they do a weekly show in which they review a new release, Stephen has a segment entitled “Stephen’s Recommendations” and Lee does ‘?”Lee’s Jokes of the Week”, a series of jokes related to the movie being reviewed

Lee is currently focused primarily on publicizing his homage to “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” and doing the weekly movie review show. He’s also written two books (available on Amazon) and a Kindle pub “The (Breaking) Bad to Enlightenment: Learn from Walter White’s Mistakes”.

Originallly.from Minot, ND, he currently resides in Red Wing, MN, about an hour’s drive from theTwin Cities. He’s engaged to a remarkable woman named Jackie Murphy. No wedding date has been set yet.


Lee is available at leeeide7@gmail.com and at cellphone number 651-212-3109.. He is also on Twitter and Facebook.

Lee A. Eide (that’s me!)