“That-Man Vs. The Hunter of Hunters” Rewrite Almost Done

First it was long short script. At 55 pages, it was too short for a traditional spec script and too long for a short (up to 30 pages).  I could either hope to sell it as non-traditionally lengthy short, add enough material so it was long enough to be a conventional spec script (80 to 120 pages) or both. I am doing both.

After the dust settles, the revised script will tip the scales in  the 85 to 90 page range. Most of the added content consists of That-Man conducting his own investigation into the abductions of ten local hunters and trappers. On a bone-chilling, teeth-chattering night not fit for man nor beast, our new superhero hops on Bat-Snowmobile and drives to the crime scenes, all in the Brown Hills Forest, in search of clues. There he encounters the new owner of Shoot to Thrill Outdoor Store, Ben N. DeForest.  Ben claims to be out riding just for fun but That-Man is skeptical. He finds a pine barrel partially filled with fallen snow that strikes the costumed, colorful, crime-fighting superhero as being out of place.

With the advent of AI apps, I can create the poster art for the film.

That-Man looking down on Frozen Balls, ND, a frozen, frigid, frosty settlement populated largely by hearty hunters and trappers.

That is only a starting point. Final product will show That-Man in the costume made and rush-delivered by Etsy.com creator, Daisy Chain.

My goal is complete the initial rewrite today and finish tweaking by this coming Tuesday. Then I can promoting it at film festivals, script sites such as Blacklist, Inktip, and Coverfly and in email queries to managers, agents, producers, production companies, etc.

And to finish off this post, I present to you three pics taken by my lovely fiancee, Jackie Murphy, of OUR epic Maine Coon, Sunny/Shaggy II. Happy Mother’s Day to all!!

Sunny (aka Shaggy II) “action” photos

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