“That-Man” Update

I finished editing my short film script, “That-Man Vs. The Hunter of Hunters”. Now I need to search for partners to turn the script into a movie. The Shore Short Film Fund is one option. I have already entered it in the Venice Shorts Contest.

Logline: When the archvillain is too ruthless and clever for Batman, who yah gonna call? That-Man. That-fucking-Man.

In Frozen Balls, ND, the ‘Winter Weather Advisory Capitol Since 2001’, the frigid, frozen winter paradise is shattered by The Hunter of Hunters, a sociopathic (perhaps psychopathic) anti-hunter who abducts ten local hunters at the beginning of deer hunting season. Clearly overwhelmed, Sheriff Carl Withers uses press conference to seek help in rescuing the ten victims.

During the press conference, Withers gets word from Deputy Zach Roberts that the perp, The Hunter of Hunters, has posted a video on YouTube that the sheriff must watch ASAP. Withers watches one of the hostages, Farley Fundingsland, get mauled by a brown bear inside a steel cage. The archvillain threatens to do the same to the remaining hostages.

A local man named Richard ‘Dick’ Johnson and Robert Nyugen, his Asian-American roommate, a couple of admitted Batman-oholics, morph into That-Man and Rob N. They battle time, cold and a ruthless, cunning adversary in this Batman spoof.

Screenwriter at Caribou Coffee and Walmart Respectively

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