I Will Sell Puns and Humorous Anecdotes for Dirt Cheap

If you need puns, jokes, sayings, and/or humorous anecdotes, I can help. I have been telling jokes on our YouTube show, THE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW, for over three and half years — @themoviereviewshow9789 — plus telling jokes to customers at Walmart for over thirteen years.

For example, I made up these jokes about trains:

1) What do you call a train traveling backwards? Answer: Reverse engineering but only trained professionals should attempt.

2) Are train engineers’ caps better designed than all other types of caps?

3) There are so many train puns that it’s difficult to keep track of them all.

Need a humorous anecdote? No problem. I was eating lunch at my favorite cafe when the chef emerged from the kitchen and taped a handwritten note below the large menu posted behind the cash register: “Out of the soup of the day”. I ran up to the counter and said to the chef, ” Hey, this looks like a job for souper man.” To which he replied, “Or maybe I should consult my souper-visor.”

Or how about this: One day I was ringing up an order at an express lane at Walmart for a customer known as “The Captain” because he operated a boat cruise on the Mississippi River that ran through town. He said, “Where’s that cashier named Mike. I wanna tell him I don’t like him.”

Then as if on cue, Mike came out of the Subway branch located in the store. The Captain said, “Never mind, I’ll tell him myself.”

Price is $5 for three puns or $10 for five puns. Humorous anecdotes are $12.50. To pay, click on the payment icon on the home page or send via PayPal to @Leewriter1. Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to helping make your life more enjoyable through humor. Seriously!! And one last item: To see me “in action” on the front line, check out my “Lee’s Jokes of the Week” on our movie review show.

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