Me at Caribou for our production meeting
My co-host, Stephen Craig, at Caribou for production meeting
Painting of Wood Carving at Red Wing Caribou Coffee

Stephen and I met last night to figure out the format and details of our next episode of THE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW — https://youtu.be/pptblwf8hs — which will be our 40th episode.  Every so often, we change things up to keep it fresh not only for viewers but for ourselves. If we’re not really excited about what we’re doing, that results in lower quality shows.

So instead of reviewing a new release like normal, we’re each going to present our Five Most Overrated Movies of All Time. Plus we are featuring a special guest reviewer, John Royal, who appeared previously on our STAR WARS special episode.

Adam, Lee, Stephen & John (left to right)

Each òf us will present our lists so that means there will be 15 total movies that, in our humble opinions, are the most overrated films of all time. We’d love to learn what audience members think. If you want to nominate one or more movies for most overrated, please send in a comment.

The episode will be posted sometime next week, perhaps even later this week. Details to follow in my next blog. And remember, “we’ll be watching…for you!!”

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