Taking Nominations for Most Overrated Movies

On THE MOVIE REVIEW SHOW, we change things up every 5th episode. Sometimes, like for our 5th episode we featured a guest reviewer, David Rasmussen who helped us review “Avengers: Endgame”. Sometimes we name our favorite movie of all time like Stephen and I did on episode #10 — Stephen chose “Joe Vs. The Volcano” while I (foolishly since upon further review I found too many flaws) went with “American Beauty”. Then for our 20th and 21st episodes, we featured not one but TWO guest reviewers and reviewed every single STAR WARS movie.

Adam, Lee, Stephen and John (from left to right)

For the 40th episode, we’re doing our Top Five Most Underrated Movies of All Time. I can tell you that “The Blair Witch Project” and “Casablanca” are definitely on my list. I am tweaking my list based on research and suggestions from readers.

What’s on your most overrated movie list? Why? What sticks in your craw about your selections? This is your chance to vent. It’s like therapy for movie buffs. Send your choices in the comments section. If you’re on Twitter, send to me @LeeEide1. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Taking Nominations for Most Overrated Movies

  1. STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE is entertaining and is an incredibly important film more for what it did– launched the most epic movie franchise — than for the quality of the film. Give George Lucas some slack. He was just starting out in the movie business back in 1978. I mean no movie can be considered great with a gaping plot hole that was so bad that Lucas had to make another movie to explain why the Death Star had the vulnerability that could result in the weapon’s destruction. Plus the occasional technical glitches like a boom mic being visible on screen.

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