TV Series Pilot Entitled “Dark Messiah”

I am super excited to announce that I have completed the first draft of my TV series two-part pilot called “Dark Messiah”. Logline: A confused, heavy drug-using mother mistakenly believes she was a virgin when she gave birth to a son named. Curalis. Now approaching middle age, the underachieving drunk, with unuthorized, secret help from a top-notch journalist who covers the event, completes The Ordeal and becomes the Messiah.

I have finished the pilot, which will run about ninety minutes. Story takes place in the fictional country of Ulangstias. The following is a list of terms and major characters:

GRANDEUR: Capital city of Ulangstias, home to Curalis and his booze-loving buddies and to Cahzeer Skyward, award-winning journalist who does a five-part story on the Messiah candidate.

THE GREAT DESERT: Also called The Great Beast, it is a 500+-mile stretch of unforgiving, desolate desert wilderness that has been declared a national monument to be managed by The Great Desert Federal Office.

Dust storm in the Gobi Desert, China by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

THE ORDEAL: Used as a test of endurance and mental and physical toughness to determine if a Messiah candidate is worthy and capable of being the Son of God, only those born of a virgin are deemed candidates to become Messiah. Candidate must, without any aid, complete a 500+ LSLU-trek through The Great Desert beginning just outside Grandeur and ending in small village called Yakere.

YAKERE: Tiny town just beyond western edge of The Great Desert. Also home to Sarah McDowell, who mistakenly claims Curalis’ birth was an Immaculate Conception.

OASIS: Small town a few LSLU’s from the southern border of The Great Desert that has becomes a ghost town at the same time as Curalis tries to pass The Ordeal challenge.

Units of Time Measurement:

POATS: Planetary Orbit Around the Sun; equivalent to our year.

LOATP: Lunar Orbit Around the Planet; equivalent to our month.

LSTU: Long Standard Time Unit; equivalent to our hour.

SSTU: Short Standard Time Unit; equivalent to our minute.

Navigation markers on the end of Mudeford Spit by Jim Champion is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0

Distance Units of Measurement

LSLU: Long Standard Land Units; equivalent to our kilometer.

SSLU: Short Standard Land Unit; equivalent to our meter or yard.


CURALIS HUNTER: Mistakenly deemed a Messiah candidate, the underachieving boozehound, with secret, unauthorized help from a journalist following him on The Ordeal, he transforms himself into the spiritual figure desperately needed by a society that has lost its way.

CAHZEER SKYWARD: Well-respected media figure who secretly helps Curalis become the iconic figure the people need.

AGENT IZZY: Agent at The Great Desert Federal Office who helps the marshall investigating the deaths of five Oasis residents.

MARSHALL OLSON: Federal Marshall who investigates deaths of five residents of Oasis.

VALE FAMILY: Alissa Vale (mother), Veronica (daughter), and HubieHubert (son) who tragically cross paths with a Messiah candidate who’s extremely drunk, depressed, dehydrated and starving.

DANNY: Motel employee who eavesdrops on Cahzeer’s conversation with his secret lover in which the reporter admits he’s covering up Curalis’ misdeeds in order to make him the Messiah people desperately want him to be. In exchange for his silence, Cahzeer promises to name him the Finance Minister of the Hunter of Truth Sacred Church.

So now my mission is to fine tune and polish the script while trying to find an agent or manager to represent me or go directly to streaming services such as Hulu, NetFlix, Amazon Prime, etc. in hopes they make it into a series.

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