“On the Fly” is a Script Summit Screenplay Contest Finalist

“On the Fly” is one of the seven finalists in the thriller category in the Summit Screenplay Contest. The winners will be announced during the live event from Sept. 15th through Sept. 18th in Royal Oak, Michigan. I probably won’t be able to attend but if they have a Duo or Zoom option, I’ll do that.

Logline: Two pot-smoking hotel workers at a historic hotel in a small southern Minnesota town discover the GM has been secretly videotaping guests in their bedrooms for over forty years. Their ill-conceived extortion scheme implodes after the target hires a hitman to retrieve the extortion money and kill them.

The idea for the plot was inspired by my time as Public Space Cleaner at the historic St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN. Not because the GM was at all sleazy but rather one shift I noticed a ceiling panel was missing right above one of the toilets in the men’s restroom on the 5th floor. That got me to wondering about the general idea of ceiling panels. I noticed that some ceiling panels aren’t solid but rather have grills that allow one to see through them. That made me think, “Wouldn’t it be cool if one day a hotel maintenance guy/gal is cleaning and/or checking out the cleaning duct above the GM’s office and he or she sees the General Manager watching sex tapes of hotel guests on his computer?”

I did one major rewrite of the script after receiving coverage that pointed out issues I addressed in the revised version.

If I win, I will gain access to a screenwriting agent or manager who will help me promote the project to the power brokers in Hollywood.

Here is the Pitch Deck for “On the Fly”. Comments are definitely welcome and appreciated.

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