“On the Fly” Rewrite

After getting coverage on the script, I rewrote the script. The major change is that I eliminated a part of Oliver’s backstory that didn’t really go anywhere. In the original draft, Oliver has a sister named Martha and when they were teenagers, they killed their abusive father and made it look like a home invasion turned deadly. That part is gone plus I changed the ending so the woman who joins Oliver on the newly purchased island in the Caribbean is the front-desk clerk who helped the hero and his best friend set a trap for the hitman when the pair stayed at the Hotel Slavia in London.

I am constantly tweaking the logline. Here’s the latest:

Two potheads’ ill-conceived blackmailing scheme implodes after sleazy GM hires hitman to kill them and retrieve ransom money. They go on the fly and must outwit the relentless assassin if they hope to enjoy the money.

Here is the link to the Inktip.com site: https://www.inktip.com/script/1hc61gl_on-the-fly-by-

This is the Coverfly link: https://writers.coverfly.com/projects/view/66b622d6-fca6-409e-b248-d210aed0d03b/On_the_Fly

Lastly, this is the link to my ISA account: https://www.networkisa.org/myaccount/screenplay

I don’t go to movies to escape from myself. I go to movies to find myself.

Lee A. Eide

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