Patience, Dear Boy, Patience

Patience is a virtue. So that’s what I hope to have regarding my screenplays. That’s what I will have to have as the competition among screenwriters has never been as intense as it currently is. I won’t go into the numbers but to tweak a phrase that Tim Donnelly, a good friend from college, was fond of saying, “Everyone and their pet giraffe is pimping their script to Hollywood.”

As of today’s writing, I’ve contacted about 125 film industry executives regarding my latest script, “Who Framed Bobby Babbitt?” It’s been largely screenwriting agents and managers with a goodly number of production companies thrown in. I just listed the script and another, “Stone’s Throw from Hell”, at It’s a numbers game. The more movie power players I contact, the better my odds are of selling at least one of my scripts. But no matter how effectively and diligently I promote my “stuff”, the odds are overwhelmingly against me. THAT’S WHY I KEEP MY DAY (ACTUALLY DAY AND NIGHT AS I FREQUENTLY WORK 3 TO 11) JOB at the historic ST. JAMES HOTEL.

In order to further increase my odds of success, I am working on writing another script. But before I dive into actually writing the screenplay, I need to write a story-beat outline. Otherwise, it’s like driving cross country without planning a route. You can reach your destination without a plan but it’ll take a hell of a lot longer and it’ll be way more frustrating than it should be.

No more stopping at gas stations to ask for directions

I’m also pimping “Stone’s Throw from Hell”, another script of mine. It received really, really high marks from back in 2011, including a perfect ten in dialogue, but for some stupid, fucked up reason, I changed parts of the script. I came to my senses and changed it again so it’s back in its original state (more or less, mostly more). In a nutshell, the script centers around a young, bright, expert golfer named Stryker Templeton, his best friend, Orland, and their robotic caddy named U-cad as they investigate an ancient government conspiracy in a golf-themed urban utopia called Parradice City.

Okay, that’s it for today’s blog post. I have to prepare to go work my day job.

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