Registering Script & Beginning of Querying Blitz

Okay, I got my new script registered with the WGA (link to confirmation page printout on bottom of home page). And I’ve started to query agents and managers about representing me. Sent out six queries this morning and will do more shortly.

I have great feeling about this screenplay. Of course, I say that about every script I write. But this time it truly feels different, like I’ve got a legitimate chance at selling this bad boy. And “selling” is the pivotal word. It’s not all about the money but it’s a major element. Any screenwriter who says otherwise is full of shit. Yes, creating artful, literary, cinematic masterpieces, or at least good enough to make it to the big screen, is important. But so is money and the fun things you can do with a truck load of cash.

Yes, there is a small percentage of screenwriters who really don’t care about the money. Those are the established, successful ones who’re already wealthy and don’t need much more money to be happy. For all us wannabees, we’re really, really, really hoping for a studio/production company to “show me the money”.

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