I’m Lee Allen Eide, born in Minot, ND the year before JFK was assassinated. So yes, I’m a senior citizen but I feel pretty darned young, especially since I’ve quit drinking (alcohol, that is, if I quit drinking everything I’d, like you know, die). Currently I reside in Red Wing, MN, a lovely town of around 17,000 in the southeastern corner of the state (about an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities). I’m engaged to an awesome, newly-sober woman named Jackie Murphy. Her courageous life inspires and energizes me.

I’m a movie junkie. It beats being addicted to booze, trust me, I know. So besides writing the script this site is dedicated to, I co-host “The Movie Review Show” along with Stephen Craig (you may have heard of his sister, Deborah S. Craig, renown performer who’s appeared on “The Blacklist” and starred in the long-running musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”, feature-length movie “In the Outfield” and many other projects (

The other script of mine that I’m most excited about is “Stone’s Throw from Hell” (reprint of the outstanding coverage it received is at the bottom of the home page). I have completed other screenplays but I’m focusing on just two at the moment.

Here is a link to our movie review show episode in which we review “Dune”:

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